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Ninja Cannon Retaliation

The demons are back! Launch highly-trained ninjas from your cannon and take advantage of their special abilities to eliminate the demons.


Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Help the oranges continue their journey by protecting them against stormy clouds. Use various objects and bombs to create sufficient shelters.


Where Is My Beard

Help all of the shapes grow beards! Place various shapes on the screen so that the bearded shapes come into contact with the beardless ones.


Egg Knight

Assemble your troops by collecting Knight that hatch from the egg! what Knight will you get?
A bold Miner Knight? a humble Farmer Knight? or the mysterious Witch Knight? or the other?
Each Egg Knight are born with unique talent, from a Dragon born-Farmer Knight or
a Ninja-Farmer Knight!
Go collect all the Egg Knight!

Fight the Dark Army on wild meadow, forgotten forest, or beach.
Aid your Egg Knight in battle with the Arcana skill, Sunstrike your foe, disrupt their mind with Volatile Air, or resurrect your Knight with Rising Sun.
Eggxperiment with the Egg Knight strategy to strengthen your troops even more, select Astral Assassin strategy to corrupt your foe with every attack you've dealt.

Discover the eggxciting fantasy world of Egg Knight by Goody.

Defeat the Dark Army by collecting Egg Knight, use Arcana to aid your Egg Knight in battle,
and set Knight strategy and their equipment.
Pence earned in battle can be used to buy equipment for Knight.

Left mouse click only.

Puzzle Legends

Puzzle Legends is a game inspired by the Adventures of Lolo nes series.
Solve puzzles and gather treasure. What more could you want?

Use the arrow keys to move, X to interact with objects, R to restart and P to pause. Find out the best way to get to the switch and exit through the door while collecting all the coins and gathering the occasional artifact.


Do not become a lab rat, or zombie or… something else, you need to escape the prison! But do it quietly… Surveillance cameras, guards, traps, lasers… all you need is here! You must be very careful in order not to be busted!

Arrows or A,S,W,D– movement
Z or L – action, use, attack
Mouse – menu navigation
P – pause

Drawfender Level Pack

Draw shapes. Create constructions. Block attacks. Have fun!

Use your mouse to draw objects.
Press Esc to remove latest point.
Press R to restart a level.

Wheely 3

Jolie asks Wheely to get a new wheel for her

Explained in-game

How Dare You

No one is allowed to break the deepest meditation of that monk… But what if it happens?

- Move your mouse left and right to control player’s position on the screen.

- Click to jump.

- Press space to activate “Rush Ride”, when it’s available.

- Choose control options from main menu

Beasts Battle

Plunge into the exciting world. Turn-based battles in the spirit of "Heroes of might and magic". Two campaigns with a unique plot. Various units, spells, skills and an interesting boss.

Explained in-game

Demons vs Fairyland

The people of Fairyland are after you. Fight your way back to the dark forest in this epic tower defense !

Raise an army of skeletons, command powerful beasts, summon zombies, manipulate your enemies, unlock 30 skills, 56 achievements, upgrade your towers with special abilities and defeat your pursuers !

The enemies will try to take the kids from your camp and take them away. Don't let this happen ! Build and upgrade towers to attack them.
Building / upgrading towers costs gold. You earn gold by killing enemies.
Using spells costs mana. Mana regenerates with time.

Mouse only
[P] - pause
HOLD [SHIFT] to build several towers of the same kind
HOLD [SHIFT] to keep a tower selected after upgrading
[1] - select / unselect firebolt
[2] - select / unselect chain lightning
[3] - select / unselect zombies


Save everyone and become the rescuenator! Use ambulances, helicopters, cars, and save the world one worker at a time!

Explained in-game


A puzzle game with a twist. Each time a line is destroyed, a graphical effect is initiated. The further you go the more complex and intense these effects become. The idea of the game is to make them a part of the mechanic. In order to progress you have to deal not only with the growing difficulty but also with the increasing intensity of these effects. I hope you will enjoy this experience.
W, A, S, D / ARROW KEYS - move
SPACE / ENTER - deploy

Awesome Mushroom Hunter

What an awesome day for mushroom hunting! Nothing can possibly go wrong, yeah?

Explained in-game

Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack

A brand new level pack for the Liquid Measure series!
Route water to the pots to fill them all. Move the pieces to the right place to control the flow.

Mouse - Use your mouse to drag and drop flashing pieces
SPACE - start/stop water
R - restart level

Time Swap

You found a special device that lets you go back in time and see what your father saw. Use this to your advantage to solve levels and find out what caused your father's disappearance.

Movement: Arrow keys
Change time periods: Z (if unlocked)
Action key: X
Pause: P
Mute Music: M
Mute Sound: N

Pirateers 2

Be a pirate captain - get your crew, prepare your cannons, set the sail and begin your voyage to hunt for the legendary treasure. Trade goods, rob merchants and battle the royal navy, other pirates, ghost ships and giant sea monsters. Customize and upgrade your ship to be faster, stronger and fiercer. Loot and plunder your way to fame and fortune and become the most wanted pirate.
Mouse Control
- Left click to steer ship
- Right click to shoot
(Go to the options menu to swap the left click and right click functions)

- [A,D] or [Left,Right] to turn
- [W,S] or [Up,Down] to adjust speed
- [Space] bar to shoot
- [Tab] key to switch weapons
- [Shift] or [M] to open minimap
- [Z,X,C] to start quest
- [`] to cancel quest
- [1,2,3] to activate crew's abilities

You can enable/disable tutorial in the options menu.


Help vikings to defend their lands. Evil monsters are coming and you have to apply all your strategy skills to win. Build towers, use traps. Make smart upgrades and take in count monsters and towers properties.
Explained in-game

Gibbets 4

Use your bow and arrow to shoot the ropes and to save the innocent people being hanged. Aim carefully, and be sure not to shoot the people instead!

Shoot the ropes on which the people are hanging.

Decision: Medieval

Lead your kingdom to victory against hordes of zombies, orcs, werewolves and trolls in this Middle Ages sequel of the "Decision" series.

Explained in-game

The Champions 4 - World Domination

The best 3D football game available is back with a new title! Lead your champions to the World Domination by winning 29 championship matches and get the World Cup! 20 upgrades including 4 talented coaches will help you conquer the world of football! Discover special matches and complete fun missions to earn money for awesome upgrades.

Arrows or WASD - Move
X or N - Pass/Change player
C or M - Shoot

Die For A Lie

There are undead every where in the house. Babysitter Mr. Katt is now in charge. Now it's his duty to clean up all the mess.

"Die for A Lie" is an action-shooter game with upgrades and defense strategies.

Players will have to defend their objective by killing the enemies and at the same time defending themselves from enemy's attack. Use turrets and explosives for a mass killing. There are 9 upgradeable units in the game with a smooth difficulty progression.

Well then,let the game begin,and don't let them bite you.

Movement :- Arrow Keys or ASWD
Turn Left or Right = Mouse Move
Fire = Left Mouse Down
Upgrade Screen = F1
Planting Bomb = c
Planting Turet = f

Multishop Tycoon

Ever think you're a sales and marketing expert? Prove and show your skill in this tycoon game! Lots of quests and tons of upgrades await!

LATEST UPDATE : 1.2.0 rc-08 (Please press Ctrl + F5 to refresh you browser and get the latest update)
Update details :
1. If you have completed all the quests (40 quests / 12 levels) on Normal Mode, you will get additional 20,000 gold on Sprint Mode.
2. BUG SOLVED : Achievement - Explore All Areas - is now fixed. Please re-explore to the Town to get the achievement.
3. There's an IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Government Office CS. Please talk to him. It's about Visitor Traffic in each area.
4. Now, 2 different slots in the Stand couldn't be filled by the same goods type, but still work for goods in the same category.

General Info :
This game simulates the sales on the real world, also implements Artificial Intelligence for the customer buying system and their interest to each goods, depend on the price, type, environment, marketing level, and company branding
+ There are 12 levels consist of 40 quests. After the player completed all quests, the Sprint Mode will be unlocked
+ There are 32 types of goods with varied adjustable price
+ There are 5 types of stands with 7 varied colors and 18 different sellers
+ There are 5 types of environments, 15 upgrades on the Company Office, 20 achievements on the Hall of Fame, also 4 buildings on the Town Center with its unique functionality
+ etc


Super Sneak

This is the story of a guy in love. He fell in love with a girl names Sophie but she is poison. In order for her to love him she needs lots of money. So he becomes a robber. Help this guy rob banks, stores, and armored cars while avoiding being caught by the police. The more levels you beat the more super this sneak gets.

Explained in-game
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